How do the DROPS 15 work?

Unless instructed otherwise by your therapist, the recommended dosage of the majority of products is 3 x 7 drops per day, placed under the tongue.

DROPS 15 can be taken in combination with other treatments, homeopathic products, medication, herbs and supplements.

The DROPS 15 work in a gentle but in-depth way. They bring you back to the blueprint of who you really are.

Users experience the gentle effect of DROPS 15 on different levels. They find themselves taking more initiative, feeling calmer and more satisfied, experiencing greater love and joy and seeing the direction in their lives more clearly, with the result that their symptoms diminish or vanish altogether. There is more flow in their life.

The DROPS 15 consist of pure water to which specific information has been added. Quantum physics tells us that matter is informed energy, consisting of 99.99% empty space. In other words: information drives the energy from which matter is created. The specific information in the DROPS 15 supports our entire self-healing ability on a causal level.


‘I feel much more relaxed and more focussed when I take EMO 15 . I sleep much better.’
‘The combination of LOVE 15 en EMO 15 works very well for me. I feel more energetic and happy. I take more initiative to sort out old matters that I kept putting off.’
‘My therapist recommended that I use CLEANSE 15. I had been suffering from abdominal cramps around my liver for several months. After a couple of weeks they had completely gone. At the end of the treatment I felt much more energetic and that feeling has remained.’
‘My 2 year old son had problems with fears and was unable to get to sleep. Since I have been giving him EMO 15 , he sleeps much better and is much quieter during the day.’
‘I suffered with a lot of major muscle cramps for quite some while. No single product, treatment or diet was able to help me permanently. A therapist finally recommended CLEANSE 15 to me. I noticed that my urine smelt much stronger and was darker than normal. My therapist told me that my body was de-acidifying. The muscle cramps quickly became less, in frequency as well as intensity. After a month they had completely gone.’
‘For quite some time I had been feeling lethargic for the majority of the day. In the evenings I had far too much energy and found it difficult to get to sleep. My therapist recommended that I use LOVE 15 and RHYTHM 15 . I feel much more peaceful in the evenings and can get to sleep much more easily. In the morning I am well rested, I have more energy and my energy is much more balanced during the whole day.’

All advantages of the DROPS 15 energetic drops